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Welcome on the Web Page of The KoĽle Shipyard
Stocznia KoĽle Sp. z o.o.

Dear Sirs,

dyrektor Rudolf Kowalczyk

I have a pleasure to represent Stocznia KoĽle Sp. z o.o.

The KoĽle Shipyard is located in The Opole Region, at The Odra River. Its activity subject includes mainly repairing service and construction of little floating objects, deck outfit and welded-steel constructions. We represent experience in the whole spectrum of the firm's activity gained during cooperation with the Polish and foreign contractors.

The experience, infrastructure and the high employees' qualities let us guarantee the highest standard of service.

I encourage you to check our offer.

Rudolf Kowalczyk
The Director, The Member of The Board

Stocznia KoĽle
Spółka z o.o.

47-200 Kędzierzyn - KoĽle,
ul. Stoczniowców 2
Tel: +48 (077) 48 22 110,
Fax: +48 (077) 48 22 110,
e-mail: biuro@stocznia-kozle.pl

NIP: 749-18-37-230

Stocznia - KoĽle Sp. z o.o.

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