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Our shipyard is a small private inland water shipyard, located on the Odra river, on the south of Poland. We have connection with a inlandwater way systems of Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. Enclose please find short information about our production profile. The shipyard in Kędzierzyn – KoĽle is the producer in a variety of vessel types like:

  • river pushers,

  • river and small seagoing tugs,

  • passenger ferries (we have built several types for Nigeria),

  • barges (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czechy),

  • freighters (Holland, Belgium),

  • tankers (Germany, Belgium, Holland),

  • special vessels for river regulation and maintenance of storage reservoirs,

  • cutters,

  • icebreakers,

  • repairing works for a/m vessels

The shipyard produces also a variety of steel constructions like:

  • steel - made containers,

  • equipment for mining industry,

  • building steel construction.

The shipyard is limited by locks on the Odra river. Maine dimensions of vessels we able to transfer from shipyard are follow:

  • length over all 100,00 m

  • breadth over all 9,50 m

  • highness over all 7,00 m.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Best regards,

Rudolf Kowalczyk

Stocznia KoĽle
Spółka z o.o.

47-200 Kędzierzyn - KoĽle,
ul. Stoczniowców 2
Tel: +48 (077) 48 22 110,
Fax: +48 (077) 48 22 110,
e-mail: biuro@stocznia-kozle.pl

NIP: 749-18-37-230

Stocznia - KoĽle Sp. z o.o.

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