About Us

Shipyard Kozle SP. z.o.o. has been established in November 1999. The activity of the Public Shipyard Kozle Enterprise has been continued in Kedzierzyn Kozle. The Company location is situated on the 100 -th kilometer of the Odra river. It was given various designations in the past and existed under various organization and administration formations. The Company has had its own shipyard tradition for over 100 years. In 1946 after the Second World War it started the activity as a group of shipyards located on the area of Kozle. Their names were:
Januszkowice Shipyard, Rogi Shipyard, “Rybarze” Mechanical Workshop.

That was a period of time when the shipyard activity was focused on renovation of the crafts ruined during the II World War. On the first of August 1951 the Company was registered under the name Kozle River Shipyards. Its activity started from floating objects reparation, then building of floating objects and steel constructions. In the period from February 1965 to June 1972 a new, very modern shipyard was built. It was made to employ 1000 -s of workers.

The most interesting projects were:

  • Pusher Tug NOSOROZEC
  • Pusher Tug JELEN
  • Pusher Tug RYS
  • Ice Breaker L 401
  • Passenger Ferries PP 400, PP 100, PP 250 for Nigeria.
  • Motor Working Boats for fishing and offshore constructions
  • Motor Barge and Nonpropelled Barge
  • Hulls for various ships,
  • steel constructions: for cement mills, civil constructions
  • sand cleaning constructions
  • container lorries

Koźle Shipyard Sp z.o.o. was established In October 1999. The core of the Company were 100 -s of the past workers. The Company continues the small vessels renovation. Since then the Koźle Shipyard Sp. z o.o. has made the renovation of over 90 various ships and technical floating equipment, made up the new floating objects and steel constructions.

The most interesting projects are:

  • hydraulic driven bunkering crane ( 30 m outreach)
  • floating stone separation station
  • conversion of existing hull to the floating hotel
  • construction and repairs of the welded propellers
  • repairs and upgrading of the bucket type draggers type KS 160
  • class repairs of pusher tugs type Bizon, Tur, Rys
  • class repairs of motor working and inspection boats
  • class repairs of floating workshops, barges etc