The shipyard employs qualified engineers, holds a PRS accreditation in shipbuilding welding and employs PRS welders.

About Us

I have a pleasure to represent Stocznia Koźle Sp. z o.o. The Koźle Shipyard is located in The Opole Region, at The Odra River. Its activity subject includes mainly repairing service and construction of little floating objects, deck outfit and welded-steel constructions. We represent experience in the whole spectrum of the firm’s activity gained during cooperation with the Polish and foreign contractors.

The experience, infrastructure and the high employees’ qualities let us guarantee the highest standard of service.

I encourage you to check our offer.

Rudolf Kowalczyk
The Director, The Member of The Board


Our shipyard is a small private inland water shipyard, located on the Odra river, on the south of Poland. We have connection with a inlandwater way systems of Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. Enclose please find short information about our production profile. The shipyard in Kędzierzyn – Koźle is the producer in a variety of vessel types like:

  • river pushers,
  • river and small seagoing tugs,
  • passenger ferries (we have built several types for Nigeria),
  • barges (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czechy), freighters (Holland, Belgium), tankers (Germany, Belgium, Holland),
  • special vessels for river regulation and maintenance of storage reservoirs,
  • cutters, icebreakers.
  • The shipyard produces also a variety of steel constructions like:
    steel – made containers, equipment for mining industry, building steel construction.

    The shipyard is limited by locks on the Odra river. Maine dimensions of vessels we able to transfer from shipyard are follow:
    length over all 100,00 m, breadth over all 9,50 m, highness over all 7,00 m.

Montaż śruby - Stocznia-Koź



Contact Details (Secretariat)

tel./fax +48 77 482 21 10

ul. Stoczniowców 2, 47-200 Kędzierzyn-Koźle


Rudolf Kowalczyk
Director, Member of the Management Board

+48 603 195 072

Paweł Kobiela
Vice Director, Member of the Management Board

+48 601 171 794


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